5km Colour Assault Course

Errol Airfield

Saturday 2nd June 2018 at 10am


When is it?

Muddy Colour Mayhem takes place on Saturday the 2nd of June 2018.

Registrations begins at 10am and the first wave of runners heads out at 11am.

Where is it?

It takes place at Scottish Assault Courses in Errol:

Errol airfield, Dundee, PH2 7TB 

It's around 15 minutes from Perth or Dundee with regular bus services nearby.

What is it?

Muddy Colour Mayhem combines a 5k colour run with a challenging assault course element.

While taking on obstacles including monkey bars, walls, tunnels, water challenges, cargo nets, and many more, you will be showered in multi coloured dye.

The result is a fun and rewarding race with a whole lot of colour!

Who can take part?

There is no upper age limit! Children aged 8 and over can take part but if you are under 16 you need to be accompanied by an adult. Children aged 5+ will be able to take part in our unique Mini Colour Mayhem course!

How much does it cost?

Adult entry is £25 and child entry is £20. If you are entering as a team (4 or more participants) then individual entry is reduced to £20 per adult and £15 per child.

Is it hard?

Although the courses are physically demanding and strength sapping, making you dig deep to finish, determination is the key, but the emphasis is also on the fun!

If you’re a novice, don’t worry, instructors and volunteers are there to help and take you round, also if you do not want to do certain obstacles our instructors will provide alternatives routes to get you to the finish line.

Do I need to raise money?

As this is a charity race we do look for runners to try to raise £50 or more for PKAVS.

Can I volunteer?

Absolutely, Muddy Colour Mayhem couldn't take place without help from volunteers. If you would like to volunteer click HERE to find out more...

Can I take pictures?


Can I bring pets along?

Pets are welcome as long as they are kept on a lead at all times.

Is there parking space?

Yes, there is a large area to park on site.

Is the dye safe?

Yes, the dye adheres to EU safety standards. However if you have sensitive skin or previous allergies to dye products we would advise caution.

What should I wear?

This is a challenging race so suitable running attire should be worn including comfortable and safe footwear. There will be mud and, of course, colour dye. Although the dye is washable we cannot take any responsibility for any damage to clothing so would encourage you to wear clothes that you don't mind possibly becoming stained.

Can people come along to watch me?

The more the better! Bring friends and family along to cheer you on! There will be an area with stalls, food vendors, and inflatables for everyone to enjoy. 

The challenging course includes:

  • Muddyicons-05


  • Muddyicons-08

    Water Challenges

  • Muddyicons-06


  • Muddyicons-07


  • Muddyicons-04

    River Crossings

  • Muddyicons-01

    Monkey Bars

  • Muddyicons-02

    Jumping Boards

  • Muddyicons-03

    Cargo Nets